In order to implement an effective dissemination of the results, as well as to encourage the proliferation of the dynamics activated by Breaching the Walls, a specific dissemination plan has been developed for the project.

Its objectives are: to maximize the reflection on the issues addressed and the involvement of citizens; to facilitate relations between the partners, as well as between the partners and the EU; to create new opportunities to extend the project and develop new partnerships; to inform citizens about EU funding channels.

The protagonists of the dissemination activities will be the direct participants of the project, called to guarantee the scientific, artistic and educational quality of the proposals; the actors who will enter the project network – institutions and socio-cultural realities – who will evaluate the project results in a wider perspective and promote its further dissemination; citizens initially not involved in the project, who will learn about it through the valorisation activities. All the products realized by the project – video interviews, posters, documentaries, exhibitions – will be designed for their wider and more versatile usability.

A central role will be played by the partners’ websites and the databases connected to them, such as Manifestipolitici.it, an archive of social and political posters managed by the Gramsci Foundation. Breaching the Walls – by virtue of its participative nature and thanks to its content, which can be easily declined both in national in-depth analysis and in openings at European and global level – will become an opportunity for each partner to tighten new nodes within its own local and international networks, but also to pass through the networks of the other partners, thus becoming a real place of meeting and production of new, more aware and open European identity processes.

In this page, we will progressively give an account of the dissemination actions and their first results.