Le interviste del Comune di Tirana

Sherif Merdani

Sherif Merdani is a famous Albanian singer. He inherited his passion for music from his grandfather. He wanted to continue his studies at Lyceum after finishing elementary school, but because his father was imprisoned, he was not allowed to do […]

Ylljet Aliçka

Ylljet Aliçka was born in Tirana, on June 23rd, 1951. He received the scientific degree “Doctor in Didactic Sciences” in 1989, and the title “Associate Professor” in 1993. He has performed professional duties like: teacher in the villages of Mat […]

Arjan Nikaj

Arian Nikaj lives in Vlora and graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering. At the time of the student protests in Tirana in December 1990, he was a fifth-year student of Electrical Engineering. After the collapse of the system, he […]

Ylli Bodinaku

Ylli Bodinaku was born on October 20th,1953, in Tirana. On 12th of May 1981, the Tirana Judicial District Court found him guilty of violating article refered to “Agitation and propaganda against the state” and sentenced him to 10 years in […]

Simon Mirakaj

Simon Mirakaj was born in 1945 in Iballë, Pukë. On July 17th 1945, his family was interned in Berat. From 1949 his family was interned in Kodër Turan and then in Tepelena forced labour Camp, a city where Simon started […]