Breaching The Walls

Breaching the walls! We do need education is drawing to a close.

We are therefore pleased to announce the imminent publication by Luca Sossella Editore of the book 1989 Berlin Wall, Europe. Breaching the walls! We do need education, edited by Roberto Ventresca and Teresa Malice.
A choral story that collects contributions, ideas, reflections of the voices of all those who have made possible the realization of this international project.

And today, on the anniversary of November 9, we share the cover, edited by Andrea Bruno, and the index of this volume.

Thanks to all the partners and to all those who participated and collaborated.

Thanks to the students of the class 5AGC Graphics and Communication of the Aldini Valeriani Institute of Bologna (school year 2020 2021) coordinated by Prof. Gastone Cantarini during the workshop with BAUMHAUS, CHEAP and ANDREA BRUNO and who have created the images that enrich the notebo ok.