Breaching The Walls

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 was held the third international event of the project “Breaching the walls. We do need education!” by the Municipality of Tirana entitled “Të shembim muret përmes edukimit; kujtimet e pashuara të murit të rrëzuar” (“Breaching the walls! We do need education; unerased memories of the broken wall”) . And it will be the occasion to tell about the involvement of Tirana in the project and the steps taken by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality.


Andi Pinari, Professor

Eva Tafili, Professor

Dorian Koçi, Director of National Historical Museum

Ylljet Aliçka, Professor

The Municipality of Tirana, as a partner in the project, has contributed to the collection of video-interviews to the witnesses of ’89.

In a first phase it has worked to identify the most significant characters to interview, in order to bring out their personal history, the impact that the historical events of the time have had on them and their experience of what was happening in Albania in 1989. Significant locations were also identified to conduct the interviews such as the Post Block Memorial (Installation created in honor of political prisoners from the communist regime); the Skoda Liaz (Installation in memory of the July 2 event when Ylli Bodinaku hit the wall of the German embassy with his skoda truck); Scanderbeg Square (Historical square where many protests and important events of all eras have taken place); the Iliria building (Located on the Student Campus where the first student meetings were held during the 1990 protests).

The interviews are all visible on this site at this page

Starting from this work on the witnesses and thanks to the contacts with the teachers, the historians, the students and the other partners, it was possible to define the themes and topics that will be discussed with the guests in the meeting on December 16th.